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There have been six officials hirings sites on Long Island in the past 20 years.

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Run by CoLoKi, The Freeport Trailer offers English courses and community programs to the day laborers. Although it previously shut down in 2009, the Trailer is now sanctioned by the Village of Freeport.

Huntington Station

It was run by the Family Service League and offered day laborers cable, computers and water while they waited. After losing $15,000 in funding and seeing fewer people using the site, the town did not renew the contract in 2010 nor will it look to open another site.


A place of constant conflict in the early 2000s, the site saw opposition from residents and Suffolk County leaders. A bill that would have funded the site was vetoed by County Executive Robert Gaffney in 2001, and Steve Levy became became County Executive in 2004 when he ran with a strong opposition against the hiring site.


Proposed by Mayor Mark Epley in 2007, construction of the site was halted in court and found illegal because it attempted to use money that was set aside for park funds. With the injunction on the site removed two years later, the day laborers have gone back to waiting there.

Glen Cove

Run by La Fuerza Unida, the site was backed by then-mayor Tom Suozzi, but ater his failed re-election bid in 2009, the site lost its grants and closed in 2013. It is now reopening after three years.


The 2001 site was initially meant to be temporary, and another site formed in the following year but was closed shortly after. A site did manage to secure funding in 2003 for over a year before eventually shutting down.